Joe Walmach is a classically trained percussionist who began playing at the age of 4 on his father's old snare drum. By age 10 he had his first formal lessons at a local workshop in his home town which led to eventually joining the school band.

During his public school years Joe's talent was recognized early when he was accepted into the 8th and 9th grade band while still in the 6th grade. He achieved 1st chair in all of the percussion sections he was a member of including 1st chair of the North Jersey Regional HS band at age 15, a position he held until HS graduation. In addition to his success in concert bands he also won numerous outstanding musicianship and improvisation awards while drumming in state wide jazz band competitions. Joe's early percussion achievements were probably best summed up when his HS band director once wrote "Joe Walmach was easily among the top three percussion students in my 40 year teaching career."

While obtaining his Bachelor's degree in music education at the University of Bridgeport, Joe quickly became the first call percussionist for local musicals and began spending his summers touring with the late musical theater star John Raitt (father of blues singer-songwriter Bonnie Raitt).

After graduating from Bridgeport, Joe quickly put his education degree to work by beginning a 14 year teaching career as a band/choral director in the NJ public school systems and still maintained a playing career on the side. After relocating to the Pocono mountain region in 1985, Joe began working in a variety of bands ultimately to become very active with the Lantz's by playing for both the Pocono resorts and private affairs. He also played and recorded for Dan Dixon's "Hot Clave Bop" band, a latin/funk band that toured and recorded three albums.

By 1996 Joe reduced his involvement in music a bit and spent the next 12 years working in the technology field while he was busy raising his family. Ultimately he would end up being employed by Intel Corporation where he worked on projects spanning international locations and was the recipient of several Intel awards including Intel's Operations Excellence Award in 2004.

Today Joe is CEO and co-founder of his own technology business which gives him the flexibility to be involved in music at a much more intense level again. Currently Joe can be seen playing drums in a rock and dance review in the Pocono area and jazz in a Lehigh Valley based quartet. Joe is also accepting private drum students.

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